Are you still alive? Part Two

You probably remember my previous posts about Dead Man’s Switch and the e-mails I’ve received from the service.  Here’s a follow-up to the last e-mail.  It seems that I didn’t successfully confirm my continued existence, so here’s my next notification:

Subject: Dead Man’s Switch is worried about you

Message: Hey there, where have you been? You didn’t answer our first email. If you don’t answer this, you will get one more warning in a week before all your emails are sent out.

To update your status, visit the following address:

Hope to see you there,
Dead Man’s Switch staff

It’s still kind of creepy, but I do like that the subject line shows a bit more compassion.  I wonder what the final notice will say… stay tuned.

As I said previously, I don’t have it setup to send any e-mails in the event that I don’t respond.  Although I may set it up to send one to myself, just to see what type of introduction the service might add to the e-mail message.

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