You’re Dead. Your Data Isn’t. What Happens Now?

Greetings from Austin, TX and the Samsung SXSW Blogger Lounge. Our team from The Digital Beyond along with Dazza Greenwood (, Adele McAlear ( and Jesse Davis ( presented a successful panel yesterday morning, You’re Dead. Your Data Isn’t. What Happens Now?

There were several recordings made of the presentation, but most of them aren’t ready yet. But for now, we’ve got a few summaries for you. Update: Audio recording is available below.

Who Owns Your Web Stuff After You Die? Good Question By Giles Turnbull for Time’s Techland

Audio IconAudio recording from SXSW

Graphic notes from ImageThink

Your're Dead. Your Data Isn't. What Happens Now? Copyright ImageThink

Ustream recording from Dazza Greenwood

Note: The audio begins a few minutes into the video.

Prezi presentation from the panelists


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