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Digital Afterlife Industry Milestones: A Timeline

When I started researching the digital afterlife in 2008, I felt as if nobody was discussing the topic. We found a few posts here and there, but information on the topic was sparse. About a year ago I decided to take a look back and see what I could learn about the early days of […]

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Historypin: A Digital Legacy for the World

You can’t spend much time thinking about your digital afterlife without considering personal archiving and how you’ll preserve your family mementos for future generations. In fact lot’s of people are working to help individuals do just that, including the Library of Congress and online services like 1000 Memories and Chronicle of Life. Today I stumbled […]

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All-electronic finances a powerful reason to plan for digital assets.

The U.S. Treasury announced today that on January 1, 2012 it will end the sale of over-the-counter paper savings bonds. It’s all digital from there on out. That’s just one more reason to add digital assets and accounts to your client’s estate plan.

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