Digital Immortals: Preserving Life Beyond Death – SXSW 2012

Digital Immortals: Preserving Life Beyond Death is the panel I’ve proposed for SXSW 2012. In short we’ll talk about how we can archive our digital content so that it can be preserved and experienced in the future. I’ve asked a great set of panelists to join me:

We need your help getting through the Panel Picker. If you have a few spare moments visit our listing and give us a vote.

Introducing the panelists:

The official description:

When you kick the bucket, you’ll leave behind a vast amount of digital information: a lifetime’s worth of Tweets, emails, blogs, photos, videos and more. They’re the product of a creative life well lived.

In fact, this information forms a rich archive of who we are and what we think. But in a world of passing technology, will our digital selves simply fade away as the victim of neglect? Or will they live on in perpetuity like the Great Pyramids to be remembered and celebrated?

Libraries frequently preserve the collections of the significant and famous, but what about the rest of us? Does technology hold the key to widespread digital preservation? Or should we just die and be dead?

As we think about the future of experiencing the past, how should we prepare? What technology will we need? And what will that mean for society? Join our group of archivists, technologists and interaction designers who are going to discuss the challenges and opportunities of a digitally preserved world.

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  1. Victoria Moore August 31, 2011 at 5:16 am #

    Fantastic panel and fascinating topics – you definitely get my vote.

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