QR Codes, Microchips In Cemeteries

Would you want a QR code on your headstone? That was a question posed via an email from Adele McAlear. Quiring Monuments is now offering just that with its “Living Headstone” line of memorial products. Cemetery visitors with smartphones can read the QR code and visit a memorial website to learn more about the deceased. Here’s a video from May 2011 showing how it works.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this. A company called Rosetta Stone (not the foreign language software) is offering QR code and NFC (near field communication, a technology based upon RFID) products for addition to headstones. The products from Rosetta Stone allow users to view a similar online memorial.

I have to ask, will the websites for these QR codes be around in 20 years time? The Web today is just 20 years old, and we don’t have much of the original Web left. While the technology has promise, I’d like to hear more about the preservation efforts for the digital half of the memorial.

What do you think? Do you want a QR code on your headstone?

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