WebCease Helps Heirs Find Forgotten Accounts

Previously I’ve mentioned the need to solve the digital afterlife problem in a way that does not require advance planning. WebCease, a new service that finds and reports various digital accounts after the account holder has passed, does just that.

The premise is actually quite simple. An executor or heir pays WebCease to research the digital accounts of a decedent. WebCease uses both automated tools and manual searches to check for a decedent’s account with dozens of companies, ranging from hotels and airlines to social media and e-commerce websites. Once the research is complete, WebCease provides a report of the assets they found and instructions on how to make contact with their respective companies.

Here’s an anonymous sample report:

What’s our take?
Top notch. WebCease solves a very real problem heirs and executors face. From a business standpoint, $529 isn’t all that much to part with in exchange for saving about 40 hours worth of work on your own.

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