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Loggacy 13

Loggacy: Enabling You to Record Your Legacy

“All living things seek to perpetuate themselves into the future, but humans seek to perpetuate themselves forever. This seeking – this will to ‘immortality’ – is the foundation of human achievement; it is the wellspring of religion, the muse of philosophy, the architect of our cities and the impulse behind the arts. It is embedded […]

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The Best Way To Utilize Technology For Memorials

While a gravestone is the classic form of mourning and marking the dead, it does have its issues in today’s world. Sometimes we simply can’t be where we want to be. When we’re miles away, how do we mourn and remember those we’ve lost? Thankfully, this is one such area where technology has made great […]

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Policy vs. Reality

Policy vs. Reality

By Adele McAlear Editor’s note: This is a guest post from our fellow panelists at SXSW Interactive. Adele will join John and Evan at SXSW for the panel discussion, “You’re Dead. Your Data Isn’t. What Happens Now?“ In the last 5-years, sharing online through services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr has become mainstream. From […]

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