Digital hit man. Digital cleaner.

In this post, Steven Keith, a strategist at Capstrat, has provided me with the next real world need in search of an online equivalent. I recently watched the director’s cut of Bladerunner. His job is to kill the aging androids. I thought a job of the future would be to kill someone’s digital past- for […]

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Digital Suicide

A friend emailed this today. Written by chromepoet. Very soon, we will read about people who toss it all by posting a list of their usernames/passwords, shutting down their computers and walking off the grid, never to be heard of again. It will be the equivalent of a digital suicide. And would make a great […]

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Protect Your Domain Names

How many domain names do you have registered? I can think of at least five between mine and others I manage. If you were to pass before the registration expired, who would renew them? Remember that domain names aren’t property and you can’t really put them in your will. As I see it, and I’m […]

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Love for Death

Here’s some blog love that we received shortly after our idea hit the Panel Picker back in August. From Chris Snyder at Wired … And how are they pimping up their panels?  Social media of course. Techies from across the country are reaching out in Tweets to get votes as well as in Facebook groups. […]

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In the meantime… ideas for mortals.

So while mad scientists are busy making digital salvation possible, what can us mere mortals do to enable our digital footprint to outlive us? Well, in this lifetime I believe that people are going to start offering services that allow us to bundle up and archive our digital self. If we think of that footprint […]

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Mobile Afterlife

Egyptian kings buried themselves with treasure, food, and even slaves. Chinese emperors made ceramic armies to command after death. What do modern people do? They bury themselves with their mobile phones, Blackberries and iPhones and iPods. In this MSN article, funeral directors talk about how people are requesting to be buried with their digital devices. […]

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Virtual Immortality: The Digital Afterlife

Virtual Immortality: The Digital Afterlife

Imagine leading a quality digital life for 50 more years. What will happen when you die? What will become of your online accounts? Your data? What do people pass on to their heirs? Can your survivors box up your digital life and archive it? Will the data be lost without people to tend it? Or […]

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Are you still alive? Part Three

You probably remember my previous posts about Dead Man’s Switch and the e-mails I’ve received from the service.  Here’s a follow-up to the last e-mail. Subject: Dead Man’s Switch is REALLY worried about you Hi, Are you okay? You haven’t answered our last two emails. If you don’t answer this, your emails will be sent […]

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