Are you still alive?

A while back I posted about  Here’s the first e-mail they sent me to confirm that I’m still alive.  I like how it’s doesn’t assume that I’m alive, but I was hoping that it would be something more formal.  In either case it’s still kind of disturbing. Hello you, this is your plain old […]

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Dead Man’s Switch

When the gang here at Capstrat set out to brainstorm some ideas for SXSW 2009, we talked about what “digital will” service might look like. We decided that the basic model would allow a user to write e-mail messages and they would be sent on their behalf posthumously. The user would be prompted to check […]

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Social Networking Post Mortem

I set out to investigate what might happen to my online identity if I were to pass away.  Here’s what a few online services say about the deceased in their terms of service. Facebook “When we are notified that a user has died, we will generally, but are not obligated to, keep the user’s account […]

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