Planning For Your Digital Afterlife

Many of you likely want to know what you can do to plan for your own digital afterlife. It’s something important to think about and we’re glad you’re here to get started. Step one: Define your assets A good first step is to inventory your online assets. Going through this process will not only result […]

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Preparing For Your Digital Afterlife

John Romano and Evan Carroll, creators of The Digital Beyond, appeared on WRAL in Raleigh, NC giving some helpful advice about preparing for the digital afterlife. You can read the full story online at We also have a checklist to help you plan for your digital afterlife. .

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Jeremy Toeman on the Importance of Online Assets

Jeremy Toeman is the founder of Legacy Locker, one of the many services that help people deal with the issues of digital death and afterlife.  Recently he spoke to a group of estate planners about the issue.  I’m pleased to hear that the legal community is starting to explore this issue.  It’s a good first […]

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Online Identity

We’ve discussed several times the value of the past, that desire to know more about those who came before you. And we’ve postulated that the digital age presents an opportunity for individuals to be known by future generations through their online postings. Preservation issues aside, this raises the question of identity. Is an online persona an accurate reflection of and individual?

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The Digital Beyond: Problems

What happens to your digital identity after you die? This video explains some of the hurdles between you and the digital afterlife.

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