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Data MYning

Data MYning

In January I made a few predictions about digital afterlife trends for 2010. In that post I cited a prediction by that “profile myning” would be a crucial trend to watch in 2010. “Profile myning” is an intentional word play on profile mining, the process of extracting patterns and thus business intelligence from social […]

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Twitter adopts policy for deceased users

Twitter adopts policy for deceased users

Twitter recently announced its policy for handling the accounts of deceased users. Before I get into my thoughts about the policy, Kudos to them. They’re ahead of the many social websites that do not have any stated policy. It’s also worth stating that there’s a pattern here. Facebook created the memorialized profile around the same […]

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Digital Locksmiths Can Help Access a Loved One's Important Assets

Digital Locksmiths Can Help Access a Loved One’s Important Assets

It happens. Computers left behind by a loved one become locked boxes. Accounts become frozen. Treasured digital assets are lost. Now a new service is available that helps survivors unlock digital content. Digital Estate Services ( is here to help. Their service can help unlock local files, recover user names and passwords for online accounts, […]

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UK Web Archive

UK Web Archive

The British Library recently launched the UK Web Archive, a repository designed to archive UK Web sites for posterity. Their site states that it “contains sites that reflect the rich diversity of lives and interests throughout the UK.” The archive presently contains approximately 6,000 Web sites and users can nominate sites for inclusion. In the […]

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Making connections

While doing some research recently, I started to think more about the  fields of study that together form a foundation for the digital afterlife.  I have always maintained that this is a multi-faceted topic, but I didn’t realize how true that statement was. Identity – online content is a projection of our identity into the […]

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Why bother with the digital afterlife?

With the recent increase in visits to this site, I’ve been explaining its purpose more often in conversation with others. Generally speaking those who are technically-minded understand the issues with digital death and are surprised that they hadn’t considered them before. That epiphany is my favorite moment in any conversation about this. But I’ve talked […]

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