Virtual Immortality: The Digital Afterlife

Imagine leading a quality digital life for 50 more years. What will happen when you die? What will become of your online accounts? Your data? What do people pass on to their heirs? Can your survivors box up your digital life and archive it? Will the data be lost without people to tend it?

Or will the data live on forever? Can our digital self image achieve immortality?

Three generations have now been using computers most of their lives. We have been busy collecting digital photos, music, and movies. We have been writing blogs. Recently, we have begun uploading our digital assets to the Web and sharing them with each other.

As of late we have begun creating and connecting online profiles to one another, creating a complex landscape of online social networks. When we look at how fast things are changing we see that much of this innovation has happened in just the last 5 years.

A whole industry will be born to answer these questions and satisfy a desire that has existed since the beginning of time – the desire for immortality. We all can’t have a terra cotta army in our tomb, or a great pyramid above us. But for a fist full of dollars we will be able to maintain our digital footprint for all time. Just you wait and see.

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