Love for Death

Here’s some blog love that we received shortly after our idea hit the Panel Picker back in August.

From Chris Snyder at Wired

… And how are they pimping up their panels?  Social media of course. Techies from across the country are reaching out in Tweets to get votes as well as in Facebook groups.

Some interesting submissions from a wide variety of promising topics:

Who Will Check My Email After I Die?

Evan Carroll, Capstrat

“Ever wondered what will happen to your digital existence after you die? E-mail, domain names, social networking content – do you want to leave it behind, “bequeath” it, or delete it? This in-depth discussion will provide technical, philosophical and legal insights on how to articulate your final online wishes.” …

From Ben Menoza

SXSW 2009 is approaching fast, and around this time, potential presenters collect their thoughts and come up with panels that would make for interesting discussion during the day. In true democratic fashion, the (registered) public votes on submitted panel ideas through the Interactive Panel Picker. Each panel idea falls under one category. The focus for this post will be Human/Social Issues.

As someone notorious for leaving a substantial carbon footprint, I’ll do (almost) anything to offset the bad karma of destroying the planet. Perhaps I could attend a panel on promoting social good through social media, or using the web to fix government, or even understand the differences between how men and women are treated in the industry (or just learn about the hot chicks who work in it).

There’s something for everyone in this category, but here are the four I’m interested in:

If any of these well-wishers are reading, I’m happy to report that we’ll be there and you should be too.

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