Mobile Afterlife

Egyptian kings buried themselves with treasure, food, and even slaves. Chinese emperors made ceramic armies to command after death. What do modern people do? They bury themselves with their mobile phones, Blackberries and iPhones and iPods.

In this MSN article, funeral directors talk about how people are requesting to be buried with their digital devices. Friends may start a play list that the deceased can listen to as they go into the ground. Or friends can call mobile phones as the casket is being lowered into the earth and hear the faint ringing of the phone.  I suppose people could TXT their last respects. “hey bffl. c u l8r. ily”

People crave connection. Some people have been known to keep paying the mobile account after a death just so they can continue to call the number and leave voice messages.

Electronics are making their may into the most intimate and profound rituals in life. They are becoming part of the fabric of our lives. People will mean it when they say that they can’t live without their computers. I guess they won’t be able to die without them either.

I wonder how the 3G signal is 6 feet under?

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