Digital afterlife in the Washington Post

The Washington Post just published an article about the digital afterlife from Mike Rosenwald.  It’s a great overview of the industry and provides a few personal stories from those affected by death on the Internet.

Jeremy Toeman, founder of Legacy Locker, was quoted in the article.

“We’re in an era now where people are really going to have to pay attention to what their online assets are,” Toeman said. “Five years ago, that terminology — digital assets — didn’t even make sense. Now it does.”

I couldn’t agree with his statement more.  I’m excited to see what will happen in the months to come for the growing industry of digital afterlife services.  Earlier this month I wrote some predictions for 2010, and the points that Rosenwald, Toeman and others make in the article are further proof that we’ll see more growth this year.

As an aside, I’m pleased to learn that Legacy Locker has over 10,000 subscribers.  It’s one of the first signs I’ve seen of success in the industry.  I hope that others are seeing similar success.

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