Interview with Legacy Locker’s Jeremy Toeman

We interviewed Jeremy Toeman, founder and CEO of Legacy Locker at Digital Death Day 2010. This is the first of several interviews with digital afterlife leaders recoded at the event. You can listen below or read the transcript.

Interview with Jeremy Toeman

Evan: So Jeremy, tell me what is the biggest take away you have from the conference?

Jeremy: So far what I found the most interesting is the span of industries that the topic of digital death covers. We have lawyers here, funeral directors here. We have obviously other people doing services like Legacy Locker, folks like yourself and people from kind of all walks of life as it pertains to notion of online identity and the death of such. So, I thought that was really great just to have so many different perspectives.

Evan: It really is great to have all these perspectives here in one room. It is starting to enlighten me on where some of the thinking is in the industry and where we might be going. Do you have any thoughts about where the digital afterlife industry is going?

Jeremy: Sure. So you and I were just in this really fascinating debate about the notion of is there such a thing as storing too much of one’s legacy. If I tell you I have thousands of pictures of my kids, as I have said a few times, is that ridiculous or is that just perfect? And I think there is almost no debate that people are going to have to make sense out it all. In other words, we are creating so much noise that someone has to come along and make some signal out of it. And I think there’s going to be business implications, personal implications and privacy implications. And I think, as I look to the future services like what we do will become more commonplace and hopefully required by law. And [there will be] different types of organizations. It will be those deciding what to do next and where it gets really fascinating.

Evan: Right, very good. Thank you for taking the time to answer a couple of questions for me and look forward to seeing you in the future.

Jeremy: Thanks a lot. I hope to see you at another such event.

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