SecureSafe Acquires Entrustet

The following is from the official announcement:

ZURICH, Switzerland, April 17, 2012 – DSwiss, founders of SecureSafe, the leading online data safe service, announces today the acquisition of US-based digital estate planning service Entrustet. The acquisition will strengthen DSwiss’ footprint within the US market and provide them with additional end users.

The Entrustet service allows people to quickly, easily and securely prepare the last wishes for their digital assets and is a complement to SecureSafe’s existing data inheritance features. By consolidating the two companies, SecureSafe (formerly known as DataInherit) becomes the premier service for offering high security data storage both now and for the future.

Since launching in 2008, Entrustet has built-up relationships with estate planning attorneys who integrate digital assets into clients’ estate plans throughout the US which will prove invaluable to DSwiss as it strives to expand into the US market. Currently, the SecureSafe service has attracted many US customers who appreciate the benefits of Switzerland’s well-known privacy and data protection policies.

Commenting on the acquisition, Christian Schwarzer, CEO of DSwiss said: “The acquisition of Entrustet accelerates our strategy in several important ways – it extends our reach into the US market and also shows our business partners, investors and other competitors that we plan to stay at the top of this market.”

Nathan Lustig, Co-founder of Entrustet, added: “We are delighted that Entrustet will be incorporated into SecureSafe’s impressive service and know our customers will enjoy SecureSafe’s enhanced features.”

All existing Entrustet customers will be able to transfer their data to a SecureSafe account where they will not only benefit from the data inheritance features but also the invaluable file and password safes that can be accessed at anytime and anywhere via a PC or the services’ free iPhone and iPad apps.

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