Recollect: Archive Your Online Life

Recollect, a new California-based startup of three former Flickr employees, launched into public beta on October 25th promising to archive everything you do online. The service, which first made waves on the Internet with its archive of Tweets from the wildly popular XOXO Festival, allows users to collect their social media activity into one downloadable archive. The service currently supports Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and Foursquare and offers plans ranging from $6 – $24 monthly, depending upon how many photos users want to archive. A one-month, free trial is available, however users must offer their billing information when they sign up.

At our SXSW panel this year, Bill LeFurgy commented that the “killer app” in the personal archiving space would be one that automatically captures our digital media and curates it for us automatically. Considering Recollect’s archive capability paired with its engaging design, perhaps this is just what the personal archiving community has waited for.


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