The Best Way To Utilize Technology For Memorials

While a gravestone is the classic form of mourning and marking the dead, it does have its issues in today’s world. Sometimes we simply can’t be where we want to be. When we’re miles away, how do we mourn and remember those we’ve lost? Thankfully, this is one such area where technology has made great strides and there are now many more ways to pay your respects.

Memorial DVDS

These days we capture so many of life’s moments on film, it makes sense to collect them into a memorial DVD. These discs can come in a variety of forms, all depending on how you want to remember someone. Perhaps you want a presentation chronicling their life, or just a series of videos showing the very best moments captured on film? There are many companies in the US offering such services – such as Memory Magic – and willing to put together all the footage you have into a touching tribute. DVDs can be ordered in multiples, so everyone can have a copy of their own.

Social Media

Social Media offers a fantastic way to keep in touch with people across the world, but it can also be used to help remember the deceased. This is still a relatively new concept, but Facebook has started offering memorial profiles. These limit what can be done on a specific persons wall, but it allows those they knew to keep their spirit alive – as well as offer somewhere to visit online should they feel the need to. Facebook requires proof of death for this to be activated, but it ensures that people don’t simply disappear from social media.

Gravestone Technology

Of course, sometimes the classic methods are still the best, but why not update them with some modern innovations? Whether its wireless interactivity or a TV screen, there are more than a few ways to add a greater personal touch to a gravestone. The TV screen never proved too popular, but it’s still available by a few companies. This monitor will play a series of pictures, giving you a moving tribute for anyone who visits.

Tombstones and QR Codes

Companies such as Living Headstones and Digital Legacys, for instance, can put a QR code onto your tombstone. Visitors can scan this with their phone to receive an online link. This way you can connect to some of the above ideas, such as social media tributes or an online video, ensuring people have a little more to take in when they come to visit. There are many benefits here that make this option more popular than a TV screen. First of all, they can be run from home, as you don’t need to visit the grave to manage the website. They’re also less likely to be broken, don’t require a power source and are easier to fit on cremation memorials. Not everyone is buried and methods such as this ensure everyone has a way to be remembered.


Finally, lifestreams are something that are slowly gaining recognition, but require a lot of work before the deceased has passed away. Simply put, a lifestream is a collection of your online presence, such as videos, blogs and other interactions. Looking back, you can get a much better understanding of who someone was, as well as a greater appreciation for the various points in their life. Of course, this requires an online presence, but this is something that’s common in today’s society. At the end of the day, a lifestream just uses technology as a more advanced version of a diary or a journal, leaving someone’s family and friends with proof of their existence (a digital footprint, if you will). This is certainly something that will become more apparent and common in the future and can be combined with memorial DVDs and social media to chronicle someone’s life after they have moved on.

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