Simple Death Prediction (or Life Expectancy) Tools

Last week we discussed the Google ‘Medical Brain’ Team’s monumental advances in their AI technology in regard to predicting death. Their system appears to be one of the most – if not the most – advanced system to date given it’s staggering 95% prediction accuracy.

However, this tech giant is not the only one playing around with your fate…there are a number of other death prediction (or life expectancy on a more positive note) tools out there. These generally analyze results using more basic info such as health, weight, age, exercise level, drinking and smoking habits and other lifestyle points. While obviously less accurate, the two listed below can easily be done online or on your phone (and don’t require a potentially life-threatening hospital visit to assess you).

‘How Long Will I Live?’ Life Expectancy Calculator

This tool was developed by professors at the University of Pennsylvania and has been featured in Time, The Wall Street Journal and U.S. News. This simple calculator takes about 3 minutes to complete and is based on a detailed statistical analysis of NIH-AARP data samples and a brief lifestyle quiz. After receiving your results it delves deeper into how the different attributes affect your life expectancy and how changing your lifestyle slightly can increase or decrease it.

Gero LifeSpan

The Gero LifeSpan app (while still in beta mode) “uses the data of over 100,000 people, machine learning, and science to connect lifestyle with life expectancy through motion activity.” The data was gathered from health surveys conducted between 2003-2006 and was used to help create their algorithm for death.

Day by day, week by week and month by month you can see how your daily habits and activity patterns may affect your projected lifespan. You can even run experiments on yourself to see if going to sleep early or walking to work for a month has any effect on your life expectancy within the app. If you need some in your face encouragement for living a healthy lifestyle, this real-time app may work for you.

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