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Blog bequeathed to friend

Lisa, the blogger at, recently died of ovarian cancer. She blogged about the disease and dying of it. Rest n peace Lisa. Her blog was important to her so she decided that she would hand it over to her friend, Secondhand Carl. She made arrangements. Gave him access to the admin. Now he runs […]

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Protect Your Domain Names

How many domain names do you have registered? I can think of at least five between mine and others I manage. If you were to pass before the registration expired, who would renew them? Remember that domain names aren’t property and you can’t really put them in your will. As I see it, and I’m […]

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In the meantime… ideas for mortals.

So while mad scientists are busy making digital salvation possible, what can us mere mortals do to enable our digital footprint to outlive us? Well, in this lifetime I believe that people are going to start offering services that allow us to bundle up and archive our digital self. If we think of that footprint […]

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Social Networking Post Mortem

I set out to investigate what might happen to my online identity if I were to pass away.  Here’s what a few online services say about the deceased in their terms of service. Facebook “When we are notified that a user has died, we will generally, but are not obligated to, keep the user’s account […]

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