Work With Us

Ready for more? The Digital Beyond is primarily a public resource. However, we do accept speaking and coaching opportunities. Here’s how we can help.

Digital Legacy Speaker

Evan Carroll is an accomplished public speaker and has shared digital afterlife and legacy learnings across the United States and in Europe. We have an entire page with more information about Evan’s speaking services. You can learn more here.

Digital Legacy Startup Coaching

We hear from entrepreneurs and technologists all over the world who are tackling the problem of death in the digital age. We love seeing innovations in the field. However, due to time constraints, we’re not able to engage with each company who reaches out to us. For those who are interested in having a conversation, we offer per-minute consulting via a per-minute call service called Clarity. You can learn more here.

Online Services List

We have a free Online Services List for digital legacy companies and startups. We update this list quarterly and accept applications on a rolling basis. If you would like to be listed, you can learn more here.

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