Founded: 2017

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Don’t Miss a Chance to Say Farewell to your Loved Ones”. We strive to help everyone store their last words in the form of a video and deliver them to their loved ones in case of death.

We understand and believe that life is unpredictable, events such as Terrorist Attach, Car Accident, Air Crash, Train Crash, Bungy Jump, School Shooting, Kidnapping, Hearth Attach etc. and high risk diseases can prevent you from saying farewell to your loved ones; if you can record and store a message for your loved ones you are somehow giving them an assurance that you got a chance to say Goodbye and now they have it too.

The purpose of the video is to provide people with a peace of mind that in case they leave the world without being able to say goodbye, they have already done it in a video, and their loved ones can keep it as a treasured memory.